Sexy Tales Generates a Buzz

Sexy Tales and Other Intimate Acts  is an ongoing show at Bronson Bar in Hollywood. Organized by sex-educator Jamye Waxman, the show features music, poetry, and spoken-word acts from a variety of folks who like sex as much as, or possibly even more than, yours truly. C- and I were there along with a bunch of Threshold friends to support TacoBunny, a pair of musical kinksters who sing joyous anthems to the amusing aspects of sex. They performed Dominatrix Drum Slap to great acclaim. Fawna’s ode to her cucumber was my favorite though.

Also notable were pornster Bobbi Starr and her vastly entertaining monologue detailing her thought processes when writing or performing. Her articulate piece stands in stark contrast to Sarah Silverman’s catty little Porn Song, that I cooincidentally heard a few days afterwards. Given the chance, I would totally agree with Starr (who, incidentally, is the hotter lady). Not all pornsters get into the biz for negative reasons. Some do it, as Bobbi said so eloquently, because they have a healthy curiosity about sex and ” the safest way to get gangbanged is in the porn industry. The safest way to experience double anal is in the porn industry. The safest way to get nailed into a coffin and thrown into the water . . . . ” Well, you guys get the idea.

There were other acts too. Canadian Pussywagon did a lollarious cover of Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” complete with an orgasm choir that had to be heard to be believed. Bobby Gordon, son of porn star Richard Pacheo, did a bit from his one-man act Debbie Does My Dad in which the solution to all of a boy’s problems is presented by his father as “son, grab your dick”

But the most exciting part of the evening had to be when I met Tony Levine, the brains behind Man Eaters. I gave him an enormous hug and squeeingly thanked him for making the world a better place with his B-movie-themed ball-bobbler. Due to my cheer (and perhaps unhurt / by my platform wedges / and very short skirt) he had something for me at the end of the night: a Man Eater of my very own! I’m ecstatic. And this is even before opening the box.

Oh, the adventures this guy shall have. Stay tuned for more.

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