Footbinding, Anyone?

A web search has led me to believe that Rule 34 is not without it’s exceptions. My argument: footbinding porn — it doesn’t seem to exist.

I find this odd. The web is full of things like splosh and vore, hypnosis and sexy clowns, not to mention activities that gross me out so badly I don’t dare speak their names, for fear of inviting the devil and all that. Yet I’ve never seen any modern erotica that has to do with footbinding. This is weird because not only is there porn of everything else, but the practice actually had highly fetishistic overtones and in its original incarnation and lasted roughly a thousand years.

I don’t find breaking the bones of young girls’ feet and subjecting them to a lifetime of pain very sexy. My fantasies are as only about as close to that reality as Jack Sparrow is to real pirates, with none of the death and general awfulness of historical accounts. Instead, my fetish is romanticized, sanitized, and dolled up for modern tastes. For example, what if a Chinese aristocrat with bound feet is examined by a Western doctor? I love period pieces, so let’s put this in the late Qing dynasty (a.k.a Victorian times) when the mania for tiny feet was at it’s height and Europeans were actually allowed to travel in the Middle Kingdom. And let’s tweak their attitudes so that the lady is feisty instead of numb and the doctor, far from being boorish, is curious and kind. You see where this is going, right? And yes, I did grow up on historical romance novels, why do you ask?

Online searches reveal that there are a number of Chinese men who still collect lotus shoes and other footbinding memorabilia. But where are the westerners? Dammit, we fetishize everything.

I’d be curious to hear if other people have heard anything about this. In the meantime, Mr. Tungsten, are you up for a roleplay?

Featured image via Wellheeledwebsite’s blog.

One response to “Footbinding, Anyone?

  1. Yes. I’m late to this party. I’m late to -all the parties-. Thus is my nature. If you should discover a desire to textually satisfy Rule 34, I have a certain tight-laced doctor character I’d be happy to introduce to any number of your aristocratic Qing ladies, if you’ve got room for his… er… quirks.

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