Published Erotica

“Of Great Renown” in Like a Treasure Found

The notorious pirate queen Blade finds herself in a bit of a pickle with His Majesty’s Royal Navy (femsub, straight-ish, threesome, knifeplay, humor, fantasy elements, so much period speech)

“Sybariote” in Best Erotic Fantasy

What the hell was she, some kind of test subject?  (straight-ish, cyberpunk, femsub, threesome, crime, urban grittiness galore)

“Nectar” in Wired Hard 4 : Erotica for a Gay Universe

Being Daddy’s best boy takes a lot of work. (gay, dom/sub, sci-fi, 24/7 dynamics,  genetic  modification, hints of doctor Moreau)

“Venus Rising” in Best Fantastic Erotica

Waking her up. Winston always hated this part. (straight-ish, femsub, robotics, interracial, marriage, sexual shame)

“Sakura” in Wet: More Aqua Erotica

What is it like for John when Hiroe keeps asking all the time? (straight, interracial, age of consent, anime tropes, water imagery)

“Seoul Train” in Skin Deep 2 : More Real-Life Lesbian Sex Stories

Strangers on an express train. At least for awhile. (lesbian, interracial, femsub,  seduction, cultural barriers, linguistics)

“Lingua Franca” in Cliterature

She daydreams about the boy next door. (straight character, gay character, interracial, toys, linguistics, poetry)

“Opening Night” in Best Bisexual Erotica 2

Let me tell you about what happened last Sunday. (bi, femdom, threesome, friends to lovers, Penthouse Letters homage)

“Hydrodynamica” in Aqua Erotica : 18 Stories For A Steamy Bath  and The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica vol. 1

Time for a study break, (straight, toys, period language, water imagery, sapiosexuality)

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