The Club Vibe: Initial Thoughts

A package arrived yesterday afternoon, one day after UPS said it would. Inside was the Club Vibe 2. OH. It was the culmination of an excited period of waiting. Rarely in my adult life has new toy promised so much. In fact, the last time I was this jazzed about the mail was when there were real toys: 1:6 scale figurines, to be exact.

Initial impressions of the Club Vibe are good. It feels silky and also a lot lighter than I expected. This is important. If ladies are supposed to shimmy around with this thing in their panties all night it had darn well better be soft and nearly weightless. I appreciated that the he controls were intuitive and the instruction manual was in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, simplified Chinese, and Japanese. Communication is good.

Experiment 1 involved using the little half-shell at home, in bed, in a fairly vanilla kind of way. The club vibe has three steady and two pulse settings. Steady I was my favorite at first, but by the end I was really into Steady III. I’d be curious to meet women who actually enjoy the pulse settings on vibrators. To me they have always been a kind of no-man’s land — too frenetic and more distracting than fun.

One great aspect of this toy is its crescent shape. This is important when you’re in public and want to be at least somewhat discreet. There are also less overt benefits. I read or even sometimes write with vibes between my legs. Having something that contours to the body might be lot more comfortable than a wand, or something shaped like a space alien. If it stays in place and gives steady pressure , having my dominant or even both hands free might even be an option. I shall have to test this out.

Yes, I must engage in further trials! For science!


Featured image via Trojan condoms.

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