Online Sex-Comics:

oglaf An uproarious, beautifully-drawn paean to swords, sorcery, and sex. Many orientations. Updates weekly.
Link_StarfighterComic This is the most riveting, incendiary yaoi I have ever read. The plot is as compelling as the very explicit, sex. Read it now.
Chester 5000 XYV Jess Finkelstein is drawing something very sweet and funny here. It involves Victorians, robots, and very little text, except for the seminal “VERT!”
Oh Joy, Sex Toy The talented Erica Moen does interviews, reviews her favorite products, and tells us fun and informative things — all in comic book form.
DAR! Erica’s earlier work is about coming to terms with being gay and then having to figure it all out again when she meets the man of her dreams.
The Young Protectors To keep his gay identity a secret, a young superhero and an older supervillain make a deal. Is it blackmail or romance? Updates weekly.
Artifice-Webcomic-Link-Banner-Small_200x40 Young Protectors writer Alex Woolfson also penned this amazing story of a military android and the young man that he loves.
The First Word A CGI story about the evolution of human language. Read this one with the lights off and your mind set to “wide open”.

Short Erotica:

Lauren P. Burka”The Specialist This is the single best piece of sci-fi kink ever written. My only complaint is that it’s not a novel.
Cecilia Tan”Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords Same as above, except instead of kinky sci-fi, it’s kinky fantasy, which, to the discerning geek, is a whole ‘nother story.
Mary Anne Mohanraj”And Baby Makes Four This is a sweet, humanistic piece about being bi and poly and making it work. Gives me the warm fuzzies and the hot tamales.
Pat Califia”Unsafe Sex” By turns sexy, scary, and thigh-slappingly funny, this story about gay men getting what they really want seems too spot-on to have been written by a dyke. But that’s the genius of Califia.
M. Christian”Hackwork” Ever wish for dark, dystopian porn that reads like the screenplay for Blade Runner? Here it is, folks: complete with cops, criminals, wetware, rundown locations, and lots of steamy sex.
Simon Sheppard”Number 14″
The Queer As Folk writers might have gotten some inspiration from this short about men and the comic book heroes they adore. Hot and funny with a great ending.

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