Condom with a Jayne Hat

Browncoats, listen up. You remember the Hero of Canton’s clever hat, dontcha? Well in the process of inventing a better condom, one company may have inadvertently given us something that both Firefly fans and those who have never heard of the show can agree is awesome.

screen_shot_2013-11-20_at_9.51.41_amKimbranox is a company located in South Africa that has developed an idea called the Rapidom. Is designed to be pulled on in one smooth motion. As the contraceptively wise can immediately discern, this is an advantage in pretty much every sexual situation. No more tearing the wrapper with your teeth. No more flipping rubbers when you realize they’re the wrong way up. Just unpack and sheathe. Simple.

Also, the design comes (heh) with handles that look like nothing so much as tiny earflaps.

The idea, also known as the 4-second condom, recently received $100 000 in development funds from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which awarded similar prizes to 10 other companies with innovative raincoat ideas. The idea is to make condoms easier, safer, and more pleasurable so that people will be inclined to use them and thus slow or halt the problems of AIDS, which still rages here and overseas, and backseat babies, which occur even in places without cars. Some of the niftiest and weirdest novelties are featured over at Mental Floss. But since none of them look like Jayne hats, they will not be mentioned today. No, today we shall sing:

On the even goofier side, has ‘shopped some great slogans onto familiar foil wrappers. If only these were real! If only the Gatorade brand came in sports-drink flavors. Ah well. Guess we’ll have to wait for the future.

Inline image by Kimbranox Ltd.  Featured image property of Mutant Enemy Productions.

6 responses to “Condom with a Jayne Hat

  1. I giggled so much over this, my name being Jayne, and being such a lover or Firefox. And silly hats with flaps. 🙂

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