Simon O. and the Economics of Desire

I blame Rubber Bound Princess for getting me hooked on Simon O. Just a click away from her blog was this innovative purveyor of oh-so-shiny latex and upon first viewing their site I longed, nay, lusted for their daring fig leaves. I wanted bi-color leggings. I wanted so-diamond skin so I could look like a naughtier Britney from her Toxic days.  I wanted summer shorts in neon colors to go next-to-skinny dipping at one of those hedonism resorts or kink in the Caribbean trips. I wanted these:



I checked out the underwear page first because it usually has items I can afford. Alas, these babies start at 60 euros, in fact the one on the right is a bewildering € 109,o0.

What the hell?

I’m getting another fetish, I swear.


Featured Image:

Inline images: Simon O. Latex Fashion



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