Latex Fantasies and Dreams

I’ve decided that should life here ever go south, I should get a job selling latex. It would be ideal — when not actively helping people realize their shiny dreams, I could flip through Skin Two or surf the web in the name of market research. I would encourage, nay, beg, my store to carry Kim West designs. This label does things I’ve never dreamed about, let alone seen before, such as this pastel collection from SS12.


Look at the textures! And the latex is so translucent, so matte. It’s like a dose of chilled Visine after a three-day stint of looking at nothing but journal articles in nine-point type. No, it doesn’t scream dungeon, but I would rock these looks like The Donnas if my hair and skin were different colors. This is true latex couture.

More suited to my spot on the color wheel are these numbers. Yes, the red dress is almost demure by fetish standards, although not if you check out that rear view.

redside_grande red_back_grande

Or these skirts in shades of black. That middle one is a lattice! Imagine how awesome this would be with a 3/4 sleeved sweater and bright panties on underneath. It would also be the least sweat-inducing item of latex clothing ever.

strata_matte_new_grande skirt_grande IMG_2747_grande

All of these items come in a new type of treated latex the Kim West folks are calling Glyde-tex. Is this the same as chlorination? Their website doesn’t say. However, any garment that’s easier to remove is just fine in my book, and, who knows, maybe Mr. Tungsten’s as well.

I’d wear this sweater (get it?) everywhere — at dungeons, at Das Bunker, hell even on the street if I was going to a fashion event downtown. Lavender eyeshade? Yes please. Oh, and do my makeup like that too.


But the crowning gem of my surfing tonight has got to be these wedding gowns, especially the halter-top number with the enormous bow and the fishtail hem. This would be so perfect for a vow renewal, should Mr. Tungsten and I ever choose to indulge. It would be a dress I wouldn’t mind spending hundreds of dollars to buy because I’d wear it again and again, perhaps satisfying that bridal-dress fetish of my husband’s and definitely turning heads if we ever did a scene in this. I’d get him a latex kilt from Polymorphe, or some short-shorts. My man has such great ass. Would he swear to love, honor, and obey?

Featured and inline photos courtesy of Kim West

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