The Great Vibe Giveaway!

Readers! It’s time to let me know who you are. It’s also time to recommend this blog to your friends so as to increase the chance of someone you know winning a shiny new amuse-chatte, otherwise known as a vibrator from Big Teaze Toys. Two vibes are featured: The Man Eater, a friendly alien designed for male pleasure (but who’s a hit with the ladies as well), and the Retro Pocket Rocket, an SF-themed satellite that is sure to energize.


Both objects of pleasure run on AA batteries (not included) and have three speeds that users access using a single button. Both are waterproof for easy cleanup. Both will look innocuous on your nightstand or stored among your action figures.  This is your chance, fellow nerds. Get your B-movie groove on today.

The rules of this contest are simple. Air your opinion in the form of a question or comment on two or more posts on this blog anytime between now and 11:59 pm on September 30th. Whoever leaves the most interesting or entertaining comments will win one of the following:

  • Grand Prize: One Maneater and one Pocket Rocket
  • First Prize: Your choice of one Maneater or one Pocket Rocket
  • Second Prize: Whichever vibe the first prize winner didn’t choose.

Be sure to leave comments that are germane. This means I want you to actually read what I wrote.  “Cool post” or “You’ve got sexy toes” won’t cut it. Also, be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you. Winners who fail to respond within 7 days will forfeit their prize and another winner will be chosen.

Featured and inline image:

5 responses to “The Great Vibe Giveaway!

  1. What munchtastic creation could be better than these? As a fellow “maneater”, I look forward to trading professional secrets with this powerful pocket pucker who will enhance the lascivious luxury of lust.

  2. Diane, this might not count as part of an entry into the vibe contest but I can’t stop laughing looking at that green alien. To demonstrate how in need I am of sex/nerd education, I can’t quite see how that alien…ahem…works. If say it was for a chick (like me), is it something you just sort of hold in place? Same for the rocket? (well, maybe not the same – smirk).

    You weren’t expecting ‘how to’ questions, were you?

    Although I wonder if Miss Alien (I’m way too gay not to feminize the alien) would have enough juice to make me enjoy the buzz without laughing at it.

    I do think it’s totally groovy that you’re right – either could be at your bedside and no one was the wiser (sort of like my ping pong paddle – but that’s another story).

    • No, I wasn’t expecting ‘how to’ questions, but it’s great that you asked. Other people were probably wondering and are too shy to, heh, pop the question. Here’s a video of Jayme Waxman explaining how Man Eaters work on guys. I’ve used mine (dubbed Squignax Prime) in this way as well as on my own, sitting on the giant exercise ball at my desk and stuffing him between my legs for, uh, inspiration as I write. Squignax Prime is also useful for partner play. He can fit pretty well between two people and cause interesting sensations as the two of you rub around.

      You’re correct in assuming Man Eaters aren’t super-powerful. But I have climaxed using one, and it was an unusually powerful orgasm that time, so that’s one data point.

      P.S. It’s nifty that you’ve feminized Man Eaters. You go, girl.

      • Now I see…sort of…of how Miss Alien does her work…Do you have link to the female Rocket? I’d enjoy seeing a demo of that (maybe a blondie enjoying it…smile…but I digress).

        I didn’t mean that it would haven’t some vibrating sensation – I meant if it wasn’t strong enough, my mind wouldn’t be appropriately distracted enough and I’d just be looking at it laughing at this silly lady Alien between my legs.

    • Outside of the thrill of winning such cute vibes… I, too, wondered if these ticklers would pack a punch.

      I feel a Batman montage coming on…

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