The Iroha Debuts

An oblong box from Liberator arrived the other day. It held what I hoped was going to be the vibrator of my dreams. Ever since TENGA’s full-page ad appeared at the back of BUST magazine, I’ve been lusting after one of these gorgeous little examples of high-end vibe design and now it had arrived.

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Above: Iroha vibrators and their manga personalities as envisioned by mai472.

Iroha come in three flavors. “Flavors” is appropriate because the little shapes resemble nothing so much as fresh mochi balls. Although larger than any mochi I’ve ever seen, they do look like you could pick them up with a pair of lacquered chopsticks and pop them . . . well, somewhere.

DSCN1737I opted for the yuki model after having read Dangerous Lily’s review of the midori  a few months ago.  As you can see, the yuki is indeed white as snow. It fits comfortably in my hand. The shape invites comparisons to natural objects like hyoutan, that particular kind of japanese gourd that was used as a canteen back in the day.

Deboxing was something of a reverent affair, kind of like whenever I take one of my 1/6 action figures out of it’s package for the first time. Unlike Lily and some other people, I did not experience a strong odor when taking the yuki out of it’s package, in fact I liked the scent. Full disclosure at this point should include a mention of my fondness for the smell of  other polymers such as gasoline, crayons, and tires, so your mileage may vary. But, for me, opening the yuki was the sensory equivalent of stepping into a new car.

Sexier yet was the feel of the iroha. Its matte silicone was silky and decidedly feminine — like my toes after a spa pedicure — so holding the yuki was a joy. Even better was squeezing it. The padding around the business end of was particularly delightful to poke at with my index finger or push at with my thumb. When not using the iroha for its intended purpose, owners might like to just have it as an upscale stress ball.

Speaking of intended purposes, the iroha performed just fine on the casting couch, although I’ll have to be honest and say that getting off took awhile. This is my usual pattern; nothing except the mighty Wahl Electric Coil VIbe can make me come as quickly as using my hands. But there’s a major problem with the Wahl in that it needs to be plugged in. From a design standpoint it’s also as far away from the yuki as a TRS-80 is from a Macbook.

One unexpected joy of the yuki was that the tip isn’t meant to go in very far, a fact I found both frustrating and delightful. It conjured fantasies of a kinky emperor who wanted his newest concubine highly sexed but with her hymen intact. Yes, deflowering is a fetish of mine. So is ageplay. The yuki may have inspired a story here.

DSCN1743Soundwise, this vibe is also among the more discreet ones on the market, at least if going around The Pleasure Chest and holding all their toys up to my ear is any indication. The intuitive controls deliver three speeds and a pulse setting. I’m actually curious about whether people like the patterns. To me, they are distracting. Higher speeds also tend to numb out my clit until I literally can’t come at all.

Anyway the Yuki is about as effective as my Luxe Rejuvenate in terms of getting me off, with the bonus of being cuter, squishier, and with a rumblier although possibly less focused vibration. One attribute that (heh) tickled me is how the USB  cord that plugs into the base  of this toy has the exact same connector as the one for my ancient LG cell phone. This means I don’t have to hunt around for a cable when it’s time to recharge this toy, nor do I have to plug it into my ever-moving laptop. The wall adapter and cord are already right in the living room, ready to charge phone or vibe in the blink of an eye or at the drop of a trou.

Thus, I would recommend this vibe i to the following types of people:

  • those in search of a sensual rather than explicitly sexual toy
  • anyone who likes feeling pampered
  • women (or men) who are leery of phallic objects
  • design-snobs (a.k.a people who hang out at the Apple store just because)
  • otaku who get a kick out of japanese culture

Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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