Calling All Riggers

Last night we checked out the inaugural LA Rope Group meeting at Bordello of Decadence. I have also recently learned to knit. You may think these two activities are unrelated, and they are, but for a couple of things.  Uno: you can learn a lot about both pastimes in a group of friendly practitioners.  Dos:  needlework inspires ropework and vice-versa.

Kate, one of the Rope Group, organizers, met us at the entrance with a smile. She also met our admissions about being rigging newbies with a cheerful offer of help without being pushy or creepy. None of the single guys at the event were pushy were that way either. Everybody just smiled encouragement at each other from their various stations in BoD’s big main room, or gathered in small knots (heh) to chat.

The music was down and the lights were up at this event.  It was unusual arrangement — but the logic was obvious and we adjusted. Even my “oh crap, what if people look at me” husband found courage after I’d made some gladiator-bondage sandals out of the soft black rope he’d bought us last year for Christmas.

After the sandals I put him into the simple kind of rope cage the doms used to use back at Sin-A-Matic — one that was quicker and more utilitarian than the pretty cage shown here, yet with the same kind of diamond shape.

Then Mr. Tungsten constructed a rope cage around me. He followed the set of knots down my sternum with another set up my spine. It made for a more intricate and restrictive tie.  A helpful rigger offered suggestions on how to make the cage safer. Make a bigger loop around the neck, he said, so the resulting straps sit lower on the shoulders, and make one more knot at the vulva for fun girlytimes. It was fun having Mr. Tungsten and Anarchydiver standing behind my back talking rope. Exhibitionism, yay.

Kate offered to tie me up next. She did a box tie, with bands across my chest and shoulders (see featured image)– quite pretty and a good deal more restrictive than the cage. I look forward to lying across the futon in it some night with Mr. Tungsten looming over me and my skirt tucked up around my waist. The way Kate kept the tension in the rope and laid everything neatly together was lovely too. It appears I have plenty to learn.

We will definitely go back next month to hang out in this fun, friendly environment. Angelenos, come join us. Bordello and the Rope Group will benefit from your support.

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