The Year We Went Queer

Homo hop is over. You heard that right. Queer rappers now want to be known primarily for their talent instead of their orientation. Along with this shift in perception comes a larger acceptance by fans of mainstream hip hop, never mind what Snoop Lion (or whatever he’s called these days) says. In the wave of Frank Ocean’s coming out we have a whole raft of up-and-comers who don’t mind being seen as openly queer. Add some long-standing talent to the mix and what do you have? A truly addictive playlist.

The Year We Went Queer

NYC Bitche$ 3:27 – Awkwafina
Van Vogue 3:36 – Azealia Banks
Wut 2:48 – Le1f
Think You Know Me 4:01 Murs
Thrift Shop feat. Wanz 3:53 – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Imma Homo 5:02 – Rainbow Noise
Imma Be Okay 3:18 – Toni Monroe
Eve feat. Miss Kitty 4:11 – Eve
Turn the Music Up 3:00 – Becky G
Fierce 3:20 – Azaelia Banks x Paris is Burning
What I Do 3:50 – Gavlyn
Copycat ft. Kelis 3:51 – Skream
Blurred Lines Sexy Boys Parody 4:27 – Mod Carousel

Featured image: Mod Carousel in Blurred Lines.

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