Die Antwoord: Harder Than Ever

This morning, in the process of giving me insight into his work, fetish photographer Victor Lightworship clued me in to the kink-fest that is Die Antwoord’s latest single. It’ll be a while before I can post the details of the interview, but this newest oevre by the South African Zef-style duo is a subject that is wide open. Some might say literally.

I’ve written about Die Antwoord before. I even grooved to their sounds when they played SoCal last year. With Cookie Thumper, Die Antwoord get right back to the niche fantasies and explicit imagery that they first rolled out in Enter the Ninja, although this time it’s much less of a hip-hop and more of a techno vibe. Surprisingly, Ninja doesn’t even appear in this video. It’s all about Yo-Landi Vi$$er flaunting a body that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Barely Legal — this despite the fact that she’s a married chick pushing thirty.

If you ever get tired of looking at Yo-Landi’s unbelievable abs or listening to her spit aggro, sexed-up lyrics in that characteristic mixture of English and Afrikaans, see if you can count how many fetishes are glorified on this track. You may have to open the lyrics page on Rapgenius to see what she’s even talking about, although by the end of the video you should have at least one big clue.

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