Kirk/Spock Audio Sex

I’m not sure how this has escaped my notice. Back in ’09 some (heh) enterprising folks edited clips from Zach Quinto’s reading of the novelization of Star Trek XI into a steamy encounter between Kirk, Spock, and certain features (well, a certain feature) of our favorite starship’s bridge.

To understand the depth of this oversight one would have to read through all the Trek slash I ever wrote and that would be too much for even the the most squee-tacular fan. Suffice it to say, it’s distressing. I lose geek points, perv points, and social media points all in one blow.

Yet if I’d never heard it, there may be some kinky, geeky, lovely Trek fans who also have not. So here you are. Profit from my epic fail.

Thanks ontd_startrek !


Also, featured image belongs to Paramount.

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