Drums and Nails

If there was ever a night to wear the Club Vibe out to Bar Sinister, last Sturday was it. The Kinky Ladies were out and the scheduled band was TaikoProject. These up and comers play poundy Japanese drums. Imagine my poon’s excitement.

Before the drumming I got on the dance floor in my kimono and heels with the club vibe in place. You will never guess what they played. No, it’s not the the track below. Okay, it is. You guys are no fun.

Dubstep NIN!  Also, Mustache Riot is a perfect name for a project that got big in 2012, year of the ‘stache. I had so much fun dancing to this.  Awhile later Mr. Tungsten was by the side of the dance floor holding the remote. My man does not dance with me at clubs; this was almost as good.

Taikoproject was even better than advertised. My friend goodmosttimes, who has her own Club Vibe and an ear out for good music, was interested in seeing them, since they were just hot off a tour with 30 Seconds to Mars. It seemed like weird combination. Still, we like world music. It’s not a huge shift to go from industrial to traditional Japanese drums.

The group was even more fun to see than to hear, which is a bold statement considering I had the Club Vibe on the whole time. They’re just so full of energy, so fun. None of their YouTube clips do justice to the live performance, although this vid of hip-hop influenced Expanding at least shows how happy they are.

During the performance, the remote for the Club Vibe started doing strange things. Although the half shell fitted against me was still responding, the lights on the remote cut out. I don’t know if this was some kind of energy-saving mechanism that kicks in when the vibe is on for a long time. I’m going to have to experiment with this by charging up the vibe and then leaving it on my desk for an evening.

Featured image by Global Education Center.

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