Comics, Yay!

I like comics. I like sex. I like beautiful illustration and tight storytelling. I like fantasy. I really like sci-fi. With this in mind, here are three webcomics that I really, really like.

oglafOglaf: Look for swords, sandals, and smut in this hilarious, pan-sexual strip. It’s hard to figure out what’s best about Oglaf. It could be the jokes or the playful attitude towards sex. It could also be the fact that  it the fact that it updates every week? Regardless I truly heart Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne for making my brain a better place.

Link_StarfighterComicStarfighter: This is a story of Cain and Abel. They are not biblical brothers, not by any means. They are a fighter and navigator, one of many pairs on a giant battle cruiser headed towards alien space. Look for hot, explicit sex in this neo-noir story that is illustrated like a manga with an absolutely gorgeous, minimalist color palette.

Artifice-Webcomic-Link-Banner-Small_200x40Artifice: An advanced military android didn’t quite follow his orders to kill everyone on the station. It kept one man alive. One man, who eventually became his lover. Curious? Then you’ll want to read this-character driven story about what it means to be to love and to be human. Although the least NSFW of these three comics, it’s still quite sexy and has it’s many moments of plain old fun. Props to creator Alex Woolfson and double props for his new series The Young Protectors. Boyish superhero meets older supervillain? Sign me up!

Featured image by Trudi Cooper, Oglaf Artist Supreme

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