Fiction: Jim Kirk’s Adventures in Xenobiology

Space, the final frontier. These are the things I’ve had on my mind since watching Star Trek: Into Darkness the other night.

  1. Did Orci and Kurtzman play up Spock’s possessiveness of Kirk in certain scenes on purpose, or was it by accident?
  2. Was it neither one — was Abrams the culprit instead?
  3. Would a fanfic Spock, you know, the one that loves Jim body and soul act more or less possessive when other people were around?

This put me in mind of a story I’ve had kicking around, since it explores this theme.

Title: Jim Kirk’s Adventures in Xenobiology

Rating: NC-17
Genres: slash, humor
Length: you’d be surprised

Summary: Jim has been waiting to sleep with Spock for ages. Now he’s going there. Although after he’s become acquanited, maybe not so boldly?

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