Sigourney, Watch Out

I’ve become more curious about latex since discovering Kink Engineering and their fabulous vacuum beds. Now along comes, British purveyor of rubber goods for men, with a latex fantasy worthy of H.R. Giger.


That’s right, a rubber egg. Just like the one from that scary sci-fi movie.’s tagline is even “In the Alien Egg . . . no one can hear you scream.”

Users crawl into the egg through an opening or sit in the base and a have a partner do up the sides. A gas mask and ridged breathing tube are included. Once you’re in the egg can be fully inflated to restrict your movements, rocked from side to side, etc. Ingenious two-way zippers allow the top to create an opening anywhere along the four seams. I can think of numerous things I’d like to try putting inside. However, this isn’t the number one thing I’d use the egg for.

My geekster, roleplaying brain has made its desires known. I’d like to hide in a semi-zipped egg and lie in wait for hapless explorers. Vibrations would tell my alien senses if anyone was near, or maybe they’d shine a flashlight through the semi-transparent skin. Plenty of lube would add just the right atmosphere. After all, Ridley Scott’s xenomorphs were gooey at all stages of their life cycle. Lube is also practical. A well-lubed D could jump out of  her egg without sticking to it or incurring friction burns.

If my partner wanted a real facehugger experience then a dildo would be nice. A long, slightly knobby one. Or wait, what about a harness and a double-ended? Yes, that’s it! I could go from facehugger to face-sitter in no time!

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