Doggerel Days: An Ode to Perfect Panties

O perfect pair of underwear
wherever do you hide?

I’ve searched for weeks to find the store
in which you must reside

You do not sport a Barbie bow
all candy-pink and lame

And all those thongs with scratchy bits
— ejected from the game

You don’t have Spongebob on your front
or words across your seat

Like “peace” or “love” or “naughty girl”
your message is complete

Without the appellations
that some ditzes think quite clever

And as for films like Twilight you don’t advertise them —

O panties, simple, soft, sublime,
I’ll find you someday soon

Some nylon, rubber, silk or lace
to cover up my poon

Featured image via Vital Vein Fasion on Etsy.

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