Star Trek & Hot Tech

Bordello the last night was stellar. Star Wars fans were celebrating May 4th and Trekkies joined them for an evening of kink-fuelled geekery. Or maybe it was geek-fuelled kink. In any case the semi-private dungeon had scenesters of both stripes coexisting peacefully. Not a single fight broke out.

Mr. Tungsten and I wore mirror-universe blues from the original Star Trek, with medals, gold sashes and all. Our friend G drove up from San Diego and played a redshirt for the occasion. I wanted to catch up with him but my first task was to show the DJ, Sir Gio, the little toy posing as my agonizer. It was the Club Vibe. Sir Gio seemed to enjoy the idea of a toy that grooved to his beats. He laughed when I asked him to lay down some bass-heavy songs that night.

I wore the 2. OH for most of the night, with the exception of the few times I stepped out of the specially constructed lace thong to show the toy to friends. Azuquitar didn’t know I had bikini panties on underneath. She was taken aback to see what looked like a Vulcan science officer baring the muffin in a room full of our fully-clothed friends.

With misconceptions fixed, the thong went back on and I sat astride Azu’s lap so we could do an experiment. Yes, she could feel it the vibrations when I pressed the crescent shape firmly between us, so we stayed like that for awhile. Azu stroked my hips, I caressed her shoulders. We giggled. I wiggled my hips. The vibe would get quiet when our bodies blocked the sound and then flare unexpectedly back to life. I must say, it’s great to have kinky friends. Who are queer. And hot.



The club vibe kept me entertained and was comfortable to wear, yet there are pros and cons to the thong. On one hand it stretched to fit. It also kept everything neatly in place with some clever seams sewn into the gusset. On the other hand it was made of nylon, had an odd two-tone appearance, and arrived with a some threads un-snipped. This reminded me uncomfortably of sweatshop labor and also made me sweatier than I would have liked. For the next iteration of the Club Vibe, OhMiBod should go to a more breathable fabric such as cotton. Or maybe they could manufacture a range of underwear to hold the Club Vibe and its descendants firmly in place. Who knows — with several sets of knickers, ladies might feel like grooving every time they go out.

An hour or so into our evening the iBrator 2.o started behaving erratically. It seemed like the battery was losing its charge. Since it had worked right out of the box I hadn’t  bothered to plug it in to the USB port on my laptop. Ah well. Besides, it was time to do a scene with G. Flogging him against a X-frame and using a pair of Wartenberg wheels on such sensitive places as his earlobes required too much concentration to be wearing buzzy toys anyway.

All in all, it was a successful nerds’ night out, with fun experiments and ideas for several more. Nerdlings: watch this space.

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