Alexander McQueen: Closet Pervs?

Here is some amazing haute couture that just about rose up out of the monitor and smacked me in the face last week. It’s the autumn/winter 2013 collection by Steve McQueen. The pervery inherent in these clothes is truly sublime.

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Without knowing very much about the collection I dubbed these: Soldier, Witch, and Queen. It turns out the collection is actually a homage to pre-reformation Catholicism and all the pomp and grandeur that this implies. Each of the three outfits are part of a pair entitled, respectively, “nuns”, “cardinals”, “popes”. Looks like somebody has a religious fetish.

Every one of these magnificent ensembles has headwear that struts the catwalk between jewelry and restraints. The inestimably watchful Susie at StyleBubble captured these incredible closeups at the McQueen showroom à Paris.

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I’d bet dollars to dildos (it’s win-win) that every one of those pearls is real. And see how the neckwear is so very like a posture collar? I wonder what it might it be like to be a model in such a very heavy, restrictive ensemble, adored by everyone as you bear your suffering with grace. Then again, I might also like to be the designer who gets to put women in things like this. I should point out that the designer in this case is — you’ve got it — a lady. Isn’t this like being the ultimate top? Dictating what kind of uncomfortable, exotic fashions people would give anything to be able to wear?

I’ll leave you with a few more lavish details as you ponder this.

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7 responses to “Alexander McQueen: Closet Pervs?

  1. Oh lawd. As a costume designer and self proclaimed McQueen junkie with a religious kink, these hit just about every button I have. Damnation, I love what those people come out with. 😀

    • After seeing this collection, I began perving on McQueen’s other work. His artistriy makes a lot more sense when viewed with mindset of “look how far they can push it” — another kinky sentiment.

      • I mean, half of what they put out on a regular basis look like implements of torture or have some kind of dark/sexy spin. One of my all time favorite fashion influences, that’s for damn sure. If I’m ever stuck on a project I’ll just go page through that website for a while and see if I can spark something epic.

      • It’s cool that Sarah Burton seems to be able to take over his line without a problem. I know lots of fashion insiders pooh-pooh her but the work looks fierce to me.

      • I was really pleased when she was named the new spearhead. She’s definitely kept things going the direction he would have wanted while at the same time putting her own spin on things. I think she’s done great work!

      • I’m just a designer for theatre at the moment, but I do some mean fashion doodles. 😛 That’s what I’m currently doing, your post got me thinking!

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