Latex Geeks, Wow!

Kink Engineering is my newest pervy crush. I don’t know which is hotter, the possibilities inherent in their products or the insane creativity of their team. KE first caught my eye as I was looking for Star Wars costumes last week. Imagine this geekgirl’s delight to see how they interpreted Han Solo in carbonite. Then I beheld the Sakura vacbed. (Featured image) Yes, it was jaw-drop time.

Vacuum beds immobilize the wearer by sucking the air out of a latex enclosure. The idea of being in one, or playing with a vacuum-bedded partner, never held much appeal until (until!) I beheld the Sakura. Yes, it’s pretty. Yes, it strokes that Japan-loving area of my brain, the one neurologists call the iroha lobe. But the most important thing about this photo of the Sakura vacbed is that the wearer’s head is free.

This prompted a realization: being able to see a partner’s expression is what flips the switch. This must be why I don’t like hoods either. I want to get the full range of a submissive partner’s sounds. I want to see their eyes widen as I bring out the ice cubes and the water-based lube. I want to savor their o-face.

Take the pretty lady in this video. It would be so neat to hear her laugh and describe whether she’s comfortable or not. I want to toy with a girl like that. Or perhaps it’s better to say I want to be the Chell to her companion cube:

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