Your Star Wars Kink is Not Okay!

I’m not about to bash an entire fandom here. But this? And this? These are not good kinky Star Wars costumes! The mouth on that zentai just screams “uncanny valley” and Vader in a skater skirt? Don’t even get me started.
2012 04 26 chewie2012 04 26  vader

Unfortunately, these are real costumes. As real as the air I breathe. I implore you, ladies and gentlemen. Do not buy these costumes. In fact none of these are okay. You are better than this. You can use your awesome powers of imagination and maker skills, humble as they may be, to craft far better homages to your favorite characters than these outfits exemplify. Or save up for something truly grand. Allow this demonstration:



Hell yes:
2012 04 26 carbonite


Yes, yes!

Oh my god, yes.

Thank you, that is all.

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