Awesome Peen of the Animal World

Lately I’ve been thinking about cock. Not the kind that wakes you up on the farm but the kind that I often think about before going to sleep at night, the kind the makes me wax lyrical for hours on end. Well, maybe not wax lyrical. Jabber on about is a more apt description. In fact the only other topic that holds my attention so completely is erotic role play. Or maybe boobs. Man, I love boobs. And sushi. Yum.

But today I will write about about peen, or rather Majestic Peen of Nature. Actually, I will assemble quotes from people who know more about biology than I do.  And the peen will be awesome peen in the old-fashioned sense of the word, that is to say: large.

Over at, an unknown author notes that:

[c]etaceans, inch for inch, have the biggest dorks. Just so you know, a dork is the actual name for a whale’s penis. So the next time a person calls you a dork, they’re calling you a whale penis. At any rate, the blue whale is known to have the largest penis [on the planet]. It is also capable of maneuvering on its own while trying to reach the female’s vagina.

Thar she blows indeed. However, while blue whales have the biggest organ overall, it is nowhere near the largest with respect to body size. A fun article over at is a comprehensive study, complete with tasteful black and white drawings, of penis size to body ratios for a wide variety of life. Go read it. You’d be amazed at who comes out on top.

Which Animal Has the Biggest Penis Proportionally?
[Via: Which Animal Has the Biggest Penis Proportionally?]

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