K. Flay Breaks It Down

So with the second half of Breaking Bad Season 5 just a few (arrgh!) months away, I’d like to present hip-hop artist who’s a dead ringer for my headcanon of girl!Jesse. Her name is K. Flay. She’s wiry, she’s tough, and pretty much all of her lyrics are super-appropriate for Breaking Bad.

So Fast, So Maybe

little did i know shit would get so crazy
so fast, so maybe
i’ll get baked on the daily
put my feet up, let my mind go hazy
little did i know shit would get this gnarly
this quickly, i hardly
had time to think
uh-uh no time to think

Doctor Don’t Know

Last night I called the doctor and he said to me
No matter what you try to do you’re gonna die eventually
Tears inside my eyes I said I’m scared to fade to black
He replied girl once you see the light there ain’t no turning back

My head hurts, my back too
Nervous breakdowns, already had two
Phone bill way past due
And all I got to eat’s chicken katsu
Feeling kinda like a fat dude
My day’s just a movie that I sat through
Meaningless sequence of snafus
Got no cash and an ass bruise
Wish I was more like an Ashley or a Lindsay
I mean actually maybe Deborah or Elizabeth
Life’s a motherfucking bitch, isn’t it?
Yeah it’s fun to be carefree
Til you’re clinging to the edge just barely
I have less sex than a mathlete
Wanna know the deal don’t ask me

A lot of the imagery in her videos is appropriate as well. Case in point: today’s featured image. See the scary box cutter? Yikes.

Also, the entire video for Party is like the beginning of season 4. Play through the shenanigans or fast forward to the end to see EL TORTUGA!

2 responses to “K. Flay Breaks It Down

    • Dude, I am going to the ABQ in the summer and will be going to the spa that sells this, at which I will be ALL OVER THAT PRODUCT like white on rice. Or blue on meth. You get the idea.

      Thank you for the thought. Nice to see you here. ^_^

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