Artspam: Tako that I Love

Research for yesterday’s post uncovered a startling array of artwork featuring a ladies and octopuses. Here are eight of the best (Heh. See what I did thar?)

Humphrey II by Barnaby Ward

Veranda by Moriguchi Yuji

Octopus Mandala — eight maidens — by Moriguchi Yuji

Enraptured by Audrey Kawasaki

The Dream of the Pocket Fisherman’s Wife: Take 2 by beantikside

Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife Part VI by Elisa Lazlo de Valdez

The Dream of the Fisherman’s Husband by Unknown Artist

Tako to Ama II-II by *VirginieRavel

Featured Image: Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife VI  by Elisa Lazo de Valdez

4 responses to “Artspam: Tako that I Love

  1. (Heh. See what I did thar?)

    Made me snort my coffee!

    The “Octo-Barbie” made me spew my coffee.

    I am enjoying your research efforts….the first time I saw the in your last post….I was about 14……stumbled on to it while helping my uncle unpack after a “Got home from Nam and took a hippy -type hiatus trip across the country before I try to adjust to being part of this world again.”
    It was a “postcard” version of the painting…the image stayed with me all these years.

    Back then it terrified and aroused me…..and confused me.
    My first thought was “WHY?” would someone conjure such an image?
    I didn’t have the nerve to ask my uncle what it was or where he got it or what his impression of the painting was.

    From that day on……I could/cannot hear the word…or see octopus……. without at least a flash of that “postcard image”.

    Thanks for the efforts here.

  2. Coffee-snorting and spewing are the best of compliments. So happy you enjoyed.

    I can’t remember exactly when the image first crossed my path. It was in the process of looking at a bunch of shunga and I was pretty squicked at first. In fact I never found the image erotic until looking at it just the other day. The translation just blew my mind. Not only are the octopuses into it, but they’re communicating with the woman and she with them. That changes the game entirely.

  3. My current boyfriend and I had our first kiss while discussing octopus erotica (and horse fucking). Needless to say, we are lucky to have found each other, because anyone else would have ran for the hills. I forget the exact URL, but the most clever website I found on the topic was a pun on 69-ing—“” or something. ha!

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