Die Antwoord: Kinkiest Lyrics Evor?

South African rave-rappers Die Antwoord might just be the kinkiest people on the planet. Much has been written about their shock-videos, or their crazy costumes, or their genre-busting sounds. I’d like to focus on their lyrics. Take one of their earliest hits, “Beat Boy”. It was difficult for a northern-hemisphere dweeb like me to understand without looking at the lyrics but once I did it was clear that this song turns out to be over eight minutes of the kinkiest shit I’ve ever heard. Read for yourself (absolutely NSFW). I guarantee that you’ll find at least one image to warm you up and at least one to gross you out.

However, the group isn’t just about shock value. “Evil Boy” featuring Diplo is about ritual male circumcision among the Xhosa, an indigenous people from S. Africa. Apparently more and more Xhosa kids are making the choice not to get cut and remain “boys” forever. On “This is Why I’m Hot” the group seeks to dispel some long-held stereotypes.

When you say South Africa the first things that come to mind,
is yup; racism, apartheid, and crime.
Fuck a racist, motherfuckas is stuck in ‘89.

The pastel-rainbowed video for “Baby’s on Fire” is a hilarious take on double standards between men and women. The three minute sketch at the beginning of this song is as eyebrow-raising as it is theatrical although watch the at your own risk. It includes drug use, nuclear f-bombs, and a truckload of violence including a guy getting hit in the head with a brick.

Although seemingly made to annoy parents and pop fans alike, I actually dig Die Antwoord for what I see as an original attempt to do their thing. Plus they combine two of my favorite things: electronica and rap.


Featured image via hansandhendes.com. Photo by Clayton Cubbitt.

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