Happy Spring Fertility Day

2013 03 31 eggs

Doesn’t the packaging just shout “springtime”?

Today’s post has got to be about these nifty little male pleasure devices from Tenga.

You may have seen earlier how much I grok this company’s designs. Another genius move is how they’ve striven to eliminate any sexual imagery from their marketing. The result is liberation. Having simple, modern ads ensures that everyone– even those who were previously too squicked or shy to buy masturbation aids — can participate in the fun. More importantly, clean design set imagination free. Pleasure doesn’t have to be about endlessly-hyped clichés. Men using Tenga products can envision whatever they like.

I did some research and it turns out that Tenga eggs

  1. come in many varieties. If you count the special releases and Keith Haring collaborations, there must be upwards of 20 kinds. Pokémon aficionados, take note.
  2. are innocuous enough to be sold at North American drugstores.
  3. stretch. A lot.

Anyway, I hope people have fun today looking for surprises, both in the spring grass and elsewhere.

Doesn’t the packaging just shout “spring”?

Featured image via larvotto.com

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