Lingua Franca

Languages are a turnon. So is fluency. So are big words. So is the ability to aptly communicate feelings, desires, or plans for what you need me to do in order to get you off. It’s possible that I take the ability to speak precisely or artfully or persuasively as a sign of intelligence (good genes!). It could also be that I’m just a big sub and want my Mr. Goodbar (read “fantasy partner”) to be able to match or beat me in matters of the mind.

This might be why I wrote two different stories called “Lingua Franca”. The first is about a woman who sweet-talks a linguist into doing what she wants. The second one is a one-off where the crew of the Enterprise seduce one another in their native tongues. It has het and slash pairings as well as a small dose of the lulz.

“Lingua Franca”

Rating: NC-17
Length: 1000 words
Genres: slash, het, humor, pwp

Featured image by XO Handworks on Etsy

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