Formative Kink: Holli Would

The movie Cool World got poor reviews, but judging from the number of Tumblrs out there dedicated to its number-one doodle diva, the film lives on in the memory of many other pervs my age.

I’m not sure what it was about Holli. Maybe it’s because Cool World came out just as I began to understand that there were terms for the types of fantasies I had. Or it could be that Holli exemplified the type of sub that I wanted to be — a soft, coquettish, pliable-looking bit of fluff, oozing sensuality with every move. Sure, Holli had motives and at least half a brain, but what was more important is she was such an object of desire.

It’s never more obvious then when she dances. This beautifully synched and edited montage by Allure75 shows exactly what I mean.

It crossed my mind just now that Holli inspired two characters from my stories, the sub from “Sybariote” and the alter-ego of another lady who hasn’t yet made it into print. Both of them are cushy-breasted blondes with secret missions. As Mr. Tungsten would say, Holli was a Formative Kink Experience™. As I’d say “talk about topping from the bottom”

It’s also no accident that two songs from the Cool World soundtrack (Thrill Kill Kult’s Sex on Wheels and Thomson Twins’ Play with Me) made it onto the first BDSM playlist that I ever had. A hint as to how long ago this was: It was a mixtape. An actual cassette.

More on this tomorrow.

Featured image from Paramount.

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