Soothe the Savage Breast

An ideal album is one that’s as conducive to writing as it is to sex. You throw it on and it fills in all the awkwardness and gaps in your head with calm and inspiration. Coexist, the recent collection by The xx has got to be in my top ten of go-to works for whatever goes on in boudoir, be it at my desk or across it.

The album is classified as indie pop, but it doesn’t sound ostentatiously indie, at least to me. Perhaps that’s because there’s also a fair bit of electronica with nods to the trip-hop I enjoy so much. Whatever genre it’s in, your best bet is to listen and see whether you want to use the songs as gentle lead-ins, a background for the main event, or soft blankets for aftercare.



I  feel like Coexist has the possibility to be one of those canonical play-party albums, like Mezzanine or MCMXC a.D., although hopefully it won’t get as played-out as those other two works.


Featured image by The xx for The Young Turks

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