The Clip that Launched a Thousand Fics

The title of this post refers to that two-minute segment of The Enterprise Incident where Spock and the Romulan commander make out. Yes, that scene, the one where or hybrid hero seduces the enemy leader and they get to the vulcanoid equivalent of first base. Bonus kink points and geek points for you.

An interview with Leonard Nimoy reveals that it was actually his idea. He didn’t think that aliens would necessarily couple like humans, so he asked Gene Roddenberry to change the script. Add that to the tendency of Trek fans to extrapolate from a footnote in the original series and you get a whole bunch of nerds speculating incessantly about how Vulcans get it on. You also get a trope called “hand-porn” where Spock is subjected to many different kinds of stimuli — some intentional, some not.

I find this idea fascinating. So I wrote about it.

Spock, Paper, Scissors

Rating: NC-17
Length: 1700 words
Genres: slash, humor, pwp, mild bdsm

Summary: Jim and Spock play an old Terran game.

Featured image now courtesy of Paramount.

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