Polyvore Fuels Passion

My wardrobe has attained a kind of critical mass. Lately I’ve spent a lot of time standing in front of it, bewildered by the sheer amount of data on cut, color, texture, trend, fit, degree of wear, etc. I used to be aware of every item and the various ways it could be used in a successful outfit, but since the complexity of this task scales as a power law, I haven’t been able to keep up. So I’ve taken to using Polyvore as a kind of reverse lookup for clothes. I describe a garment, click on an item that looks like something I already own, and then see how other people style it. A surprising number of new combinations come together in this way.

The other day a search for “khaki capris” (say that five times fast) turned out this nod to equestriennes:


I tried it. True, the jacket was a lot shorter, the shirt was longer-sleeved, and the boots were more industrial, but it all looked okay once I had it on. Better, in fact, than anticipated. Mr. Tungsten came up with three separate fem-dom scenarios on the spot:

  • The headmistress at boys’ prep school is well aware of her pupils’ pedigrees and their futures as leaders of society. She is determined to build them up into men with real character.
  • The head of an elite household undermines his nanny’s authority in front of the children. This somehow sends the nanny fembot into tactical mode. To protect the family, she must regain control!
  • A riding instructor knows that to truly master the equestrian arts, any rider first needs to have been ridden

My man has never been so frustrated about being sick with a cold in the entire time I’ve known him.


3 responses to “Polyvore Fuels Passion

  1. I’m still looking for the applause button…….we need an applause button with the like button!
    Two in a row that had me wanting to stand on my chair and applaud the contemplations.
    (Third scenario gets a hearty fist pump along with applause.)

  2. Without role playing…I would have never survived most of his kink wants. I am a farm kid…the “equestrian themed” role play was part of us before I had to learn to “role play the Domme of his wildest dreams.” 🙂

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