Going Downton On You

Downton Abbey has been our TV-show crush of late. Well, until we finished the third season. Now we just pine for it most dreadfully. It’s not the same as that crackhead (meth-head?) craving for more Breaking Bad that burns within our souls. It’s lighter. More wistful. It is a longing, not just to see what happens next, but for the sense and order of the society in which the story is based.

A fun side-effect of the show is that Mr. Tungsten has taken a liking to Mr. Carson, the ever-appropriate butler. In an age where so few standards matter anymore, mon mari likes the idea of a man with high expectations who puts hard work into seeing them borne out.

Play spaces, reasons Mr. Tungsten, would be so much more enjoyable if they had someone like Mr. Carson to put them to rights. Just imagine if there was a Jeeves-like individual looking over people’s shoulders, saying:

carson play carson safe

You know, keep things nice and proper. The way we want them to be.  ^_^

Featured lolcats by Mr. Tungsten

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