Bed Presidents II: The Aftermath

All laughs aside, the post-pub sex was profound. Pub nights are usually memorable because our inhibitions are low. Despite years of matrimony and vows of kinkitude we each still have so many hangups. Both of us also over-think what the other person wants and a  lot of time it makes us go in circles. Thus, if we can use a little beer to get out of our heads, so much the better.

I didn’t realize this, but it was apparently novel and exciting for me to emerge from the bathroom in just my underwear or drape myself across his lap and present my ass. The rest was organic. The spanking already got me down into subspace and then he dropped me further with a hypnotic trigger word. It was wild! We hadn’t done any hypno-play in so long, yet I went straight down. Well, maybe not straight down (right? right?) but so immediately that it was a surprise. You may think that it’s not possible to be in thrall and surprised at the same time but I am here to set the CD straight.

He felt good about being able to drop me like that and his climax was unusually intense. We lay there, panting, soused, and blissful. Then we noticed an epic lady-fail that necessitated hopping out of bed and paying immediate attention to the linens. Like most long-married souls we’d taken precautions, but given the intensity of our union they’d been insufficient. Yet we both agreed the romp been well worth it, especially since he was the one to gallantly take the bedclothes outside in the chill night air. My love capped it with Caesarean aplomb:

“I can spank her, I can fuck her, and I can do the damn laundry!”

Featured image by Justine Lai

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