Clubbing Archive: Miss Kitty’s

The club: Miss Kitty’s Parlour @ The Dragonfly , Fridays, 10 ’til

The tunes: In the front room, 80s, disco, and assorted campy-fun electronica full of dirty beats. In the back, Industrial, EBE, and trip-hop.

The vibe: Eclectic, gender-bending, scadalous fun.

Miss Kitty’s lasted a good 9 years, which is practically forever in L.A. The club boasted two DJs in two rooms, as well as three kinds of entertainment: dancers, floor shows, and play.  Both female (naughty, lithe) and male (overfed, frattish) go-go dancers provided eye-candy as the DJs did their thing. At times the music would stop and we’d be treated to a cabaret act. An example might be three girls in pencil skirts shimmying to an old-timey tune, and then hiking their skirts up to reveal enormous, fake phalluses, which a twink would then come out and service to a chorus of catcalls and hoots.

The play areas sometimes had standby doms and sometimes not. Spanking scenes being part of the floor show at some points. Whether onstage or not, the scenes were universally dull and uninspiring. I know we all have to learn and grow, but if you’re paddling for pay (or even just a club’s image) then you should 1) know your stuff and 2) at least act like you’re enjoying yourself.

Despite this, the club had an excellent sound. DJ Barbeau played electronic dirty beats and you could get on the floor and literally dance for hours. The other great thing about this place was that there was such a great mix of people: goths, rave kids, hipsters, t-girls, and the industry crowd, plus lots of people who didn’t seem to belong to any identifiable scene.

Turns out they’re having a dance party this Friday night! I’m gonna see if any of the girls from Fetlife want to come out.

Tomorrow: a Miss Kitty’s tribute playlist.


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